How we work

Our approach for project work revolves around listening to what you need, researching your competitive set and delivering options, whether it be collateral, website design or a new logo. For ongoing work, such as our outsourced Marketing Director service, our approach lies in developing a carefully crafted, bespoke plan that utilises different mediums to incite leads and create a brand people want to talk about—and better yet, recommend. 

We believe that the most effective marketing for SMEs stems from having one highly-skilled person orchestrate a variety of coordinated activities according to a carefully crafted plan. Unless you have a large budget, your company is not going to get the entire spectrum of resources it needs from an agency to execute a top-notch marketing programme—you won’t get their best people and you will be paying for their overheads. With one of The London Marketing Consultancy's in-house marketing directors on-the other hand, you don’t pay overheads. They work in your office where they can interact with your team and get a true feel for your business. With dedicated energy, full days and a plan that is both fluid and carefully monitored, your business will see results and value for money.

AO Balanced Marketing Works